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Meet Our Summit Sponsors
Plus You'll Receive These Valuable Bonuses
Wendy Myers - 5 Steps To Interfering With Your Energy & Healing 
Learn how emotional and physical stress impairs your ability to heal and the role environmental toxins play in instigating stress in your mind and body. And vital steps you must take to clear your body of toxins.
Robby Besner - Metaphysically Lit With Infrared
Save 20% on any sauna purchase from Therasage PLUS you will receive Infrared for Optimal Health E-Book by Robby Besner, PSc.D. as a free gift with your purchase.
Brian Vaszily - Your Best Years Start Now: The COMPLETE Digital Recordings & Transcripts $197 Value
21 of today’s top longevity doctors/researchers answering this one question: “From your area of expertise, what are the 3 most essential things people must do now to live long?” Learn to experience peak brain power, energy, and moods.
Lorna Bennett - DAILEY Meditations With Lorna
Two albums of guided meditations created in partnership with THE DAILEY METHOD studios supporting mindful movement and life practices:
Sachin Patel - Breakthrough Gratitude Breathwork With Sachin
Tune into this very special breathwork experience, where you will be taken on a powerful healing journey. Please have your headphones and 75 minutes to yourself to enjoy the full experience.
Dina Rifkin - First Date Upgrade $10 Value
An empowering, sassy, practical guide for everything you need before a first date. Get glowing with pre-date self care, outfit advice, powerful on-the-date date questions, and so much more.
Dr. Michelle Veneziano - Becoming Your Own Osteopath Educational Course $97 Value
By applying the practices in this course, Dr. Veneziano healed her spinal disc injury, fatigue, food sensitivities and restored balance and joy to her life, all without adding extra time to her day. 
Shivan Sarna - Trauma, Resentment & The Lymphatic System $27 Value
Learn how trauma and resentment affect all aspects of your health. How your emotions congest the lymphatic system and moving out of bitterness and self-righteousness and into healing.
John Stuart Reid - Music Therapy & Sound Healing Presentation Slides
Gain access to John Stuart Reid's summit presentation slides with a detailed overview of Cymatics and the latest research on how music and sound affect our blood and cells.
Dr. Ameet Aggarwal - 8 Part Webinar Series To Heal Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Hormonal Imbalances, Pain & Obesity $80 Value
In this powerful 8-part series, you will learn how to heal using naturopathic medicine, psychotherapy, and family constellations.
Dr. Christine Schaffner - Energy Hygiene Practical Guide & Healing Checklists $27 Value
Similar to brushing your teeth twice a day there are daily practical steps to take to ensure you are protected in this modern day world which includes an onslaught of energy depleting technologies.
Rollin McCraty - The HeartMath Experience $30 Value
This inspiring experiential program offers new insights and practical techniques to enhance responses to day-to-day challenges with more ease and composure.
Diamond No - Guided Meditation: Shift Fully From Surviving To Thriving $25 Value
In this guided meditation with Diamond, brace yourself as you dive deeper into your awakening, deeper into awareness, and begin to receive your divine downloads from both spirit and the Galactic Federation. It’s one hell of a ride.
Dr. Kim Trager - Shift Into Happiness $15 Value
Achieve noticeable changes in your emotional state in a short amount of time. Tested strategies to move from low-frequency emotions like anger, guilt, fear, and frustration to positive powerful emotions.
Dr. Sharon Stills - PAIN: Your SacRED Messenger $37 Value
Proven naturopathic tools, assessments + approaches to address and welcome the sacred messages of chronic pain.
Mallory Leone - Magic As Medicine Spellbook $22 Value
An introductory spellbook with spells for clarity, healing, love, and money, plus stories and examples of real live magic.
Christopher Van Buren - Your Inner Entrepreneur (Self-Assessment) 
Take this short self-assessment quiz to discover the primary aspects of your inner Entrepreneur. This information will help you tap into your inner wisdom for guidance about your work, goals, better decision-making and more. This quiz is quite sophisticated and reveals a lot about you and your inner world.
Dana Haines - Six Minute Stress-Busting Meditation $30 Value
Want a quick way to alleviate some stress right now? Here is a quick meditation Dana has designed for busy people.
Evan Brand - Mold & Mycotoxins Solutions
Evan shares how to detect a mold problem - which could be affecting your metaphysical health in this critical eGuide. Learn steps to detect and test.
Zachary Feder - The Essentials Of Healthy Consciousness $20 Value
"How to" Guide to Being Human 2-hour audio session. Zachary has created a beautiful beginners manual of human consciousness that we all should have been given when we first arrived.
Dr. Maya Shetreat - Dr. Maya's Earth Healing Bundle 
Healing with Mother Earth doesn’t have to mean costly retreats or traveling to gurus. I’ve spent years traveling the world to study the powerful, transformative ways that we can heal with nature. And now YOU can benefit of what I’ve learned. Adding these accessible practices to your life can heal you – mind, body and spirit!
Deanna Hansen - Fascia Block Therapy Sampler Instructional Video Series $9 Value
Experience what it is like to decompress your fascia with only your bodyweight and towel. In this 9-part video series (each video is approx. 8 - 20 minutes) learn positions to open the flow to improve oxygenation to cells, as well as strengthening exercises to pull your body back into better alignment.
Dr. Joel Fuhrman - 9 Foods That Supercharge Your Health
In this exclusive eBook, world-renowned nutritional expert Joel Fuhrman, M.D. will introduce you to the key concepts of the Nutritarian eating style, and focus on 9 superfoods that supercharge your health and support your longevity plus 9 recipes that will delight your palate!
Dr. Roger Jahnke - Energy Breakthrough Using Qigong Instructional Series $47 Value
This five video Introduction to Medical Qigong and 29 page e-book Mind-Body Practices for Self-Healing ($49.00 value) by Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD are packed with evidence based mind-body practices that will help you build a foundation for self-care to maximize wellness.
Nate Rifkin - How To Make Your Mind An Ally $20 Value
This story will show you how to transform your thoughts from feeling like your enemy to an ally supporting your spiritual walk.
Nick Pineault - 5G In 5 Minutes - Quick & Rational Guide On 5G Radiation $10 Value
What does science really say about the health risks associated with this vast increase in radiation exposure and 5G? This important report will shed some light on all of these questions, and help you make informed decisions about how you use technology.
Karen Brody - Gift Of Rest: Yoga Nidra $20 Value
Lie down and be transported to the most supreme relaxation imaginable with yoga nidra, led by Karen Brody, founder of Daring to Rest.
Karen Brody - Getting Started: Learning To Rest Guided Practice $10 Value
Start your rest practice with this 5-minute guided 61-point body rotation to help relax your body.
Professional Notes From The Presentations
We're going above and beyond by having our professional note taker go through each presentation and give you the notes that will give you the freedom the listen without worry that you're getting everything down on paper. Value: $697
Audio Recordings (MP3s)
Along with the videos of each presentation, you'll also receive the MP3 audios so that you can take the summit with you on your mobile device without the need for an internet connection. Value: $297.00
Everything You Need To Take Control Of And Live A Life Filled With Freedom, Passion And Fulfillment
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Your Expert Training Sessions

From These Amazing  Experts
Dr. Christine Schaffner

The Pineal Gland: Unlocking Quantum Universal Connection

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Feed Yourself To Greatness: The Power Of Food

Dr. Sharon Stills

The Language Of Pain: What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

Hemal Patel, PhD

Mind Over Virus: The Biology Of Meditation

Dr. Maya Shetreat

Why Do Some People Heal And Others Don't?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Digesting Life: Spiritually & Emotionally Heal Your Gut

John Stuart Reid

Music Medicine & Sound Therapy: The Emergent Science Of Cymatics

Dr. Sachin Patel

Learning How To Blow Your Mind

Evan Brand

Its Not All In Your Head - Roadblocks To MetaPhysical Health

Dr. Gay Hendricks

How To Commit To Taking The Big Leap That Could Change Your Life

Betsy Burroughs

Understanding And Breaking Bad Habits, Behaviors, And Patterns

Kelly Kennedy

Stop The Sabotage: The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words

David Mehler

Ending The Crippling Patterns That Are Keeping You Feeling Trapped And Unfulfilled

Brian Vaszily

Defying the Odds: How To Stay Young From 40 To 100

Bryan Reeves

Finding Freedom In "No": Being A Boundary Boss

Nate Rifkin

What The F*** Is Spirituality Anyway? The No BS Breakdown

Wendy Myers

Regain Your Equilibrium: How Emotional Trauma Impacts Your Life And Health

Danette May

Get Unstuck: The Art Of Figuring Things Out

Rollin McCraty, PhD

Moving From Feeling That You're On Autopilot To Being Human

Karen Brody

Reclaim Your Power By Daring To Rest 

Michael Roesslein

Doorways Out Of Darkness To The Present Moment

Zachary Feder

Releasing The Struggle In Your Life 

Mallory Leone

How To Cope With Painful, Confusing And Difficult Times In Your Life

Kathleen Booker

Find Clarity Through Conscious Connected Breath

Dina Rifkin

Why Your Relationship “Type” Is Toxic

Marie Diamond

Using Feng Shui To Rejuvenate Your Life And Fulfill Your Dreams

Shivan Sarna

The Metaphysics Of Turning Your Dream Into Business Success 

Diamond No

Survive To Thrive: Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

Dr. Roger Jahnke

Using Primordial Energy To Affect Change In Your Physical Body

Nicolas Pineault

The Censored TRUTH About EMFs And 5G

Nathan Crane

The Role Of Mind - Body Connection In Conquering Cancer

Anita Sanchez, PhD

You Can't Google "Wisdom": Indigenous Wisdom For Modern Times

Lorna Bennett

Don't Skip The Foreplay! Sacred Sexuality And Spirituality

Deanna Hansen

Unblock Your Body And Open To The Flow Of Life

Dana Haines

Awakening The Sacred Feminine In A Masculine World

Robby Besner

Tapping Into The Power Of Primal Healing 

Dr. Kim Trager

Meridian And Chakra Balancing To Release Negative Energy

Christopher Van Buren

Work-life Decision Making: Turn On Your Inner Guidance System

Dr. Michelle Veneziano

Accessing Metaphysical Magic Through The Body

Annaliese Reid

Hacking The Human Cell: Reprogramming Your DNA

We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Hosts
Darcie Purcell
Life explorer, Darcie Purcell has been shaking up the branding world for over 20 years, working with dozens of celebrities, thought leaders and the best and the brightest in the health and wellness industry. Darcie’s expertise is born from her personal journey of self discovery.

Her passion is curating and creating powerful live and online events, courses, retreats, and festivals to support personal growth and the connection to body-mind-soul.
Gina Bria
Gina Bria is a cultural anthropologist researching ritual, ritual foods, and food strategies for over 25 years and the founder of the Hydration Foundation.

She convened the first-ever TEDx New York Salon event on structured water and her own TEDx talk, How to Grow Water: It's Not Only Blue, It's Green, identifies plants in hydration strategies around the globe.  Her research on the primacy of water in accelerating soil recovery has opened new doors in regenerative agriculture for irrigation innovation.
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